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- 2011 -
2:58 pm

Merry Christmas!

Ethan and Isaac awoke whispering and giggling with excitement at 5:30 AM. They stayed in Ethan’s room until 6:30 and we finally let them wake Lincoln up at 6:45. We headed downstairs and the fun began!

I love the matching PJ’s on Christmas morning…I know Ethan will soon decide he’s too old for this tradition so I enjoy it while I can.
My Love and me on Christmas morning.
Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, of course!  They were so good!
Mickey putting up with me and my camera again.
The only thing Lincoln wanted for Christmas were these Batman “jammies”!  Christmas could have ended after his first present and I truly believe he would have been content.
Isaac giving Daddy his present.
Ethan giving Mommy an angel ornament.
These two get so excited and are a blast to watch open gifts!
Lincoln doesn’t seem to have much of a reaction while opening gifts. He takes it rather seriously.
Silly boys.
All we need is another one of these…
This little guy had fun playing in the great big cardboard box!


Grandma Falk

Such fun! It’s good to feel like we are a part of your Christmas when we see the good times you are all having. I feel blessed to know that your family is so happy!


Looks like everyone had a great day. Love the boys pj’s.

Lots of fun! I hope Ethan doesn’t mind wearing matching super-hero jammies with a cape next Christmas! Looks like Lincoln will wear them for every occasion from here on out. 🙂

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