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- 2011 -
2:34 pm

Gingerbread Houses

This was our first attempt ever at constructing gingerbread houses. The boys seemed to have some engineering issues and were defenseless against the sugary temptations needed to decorate their houses. ┬áThey did have a good time though, who wouldn’t?

The boys weren’t the only ones giving into sweet temptations! Just before sinking my teeth into┬ádeliciousness, Warren said he could hear the tiny screams from within my house. ­čÖé
I have to say, I prefer decorating sugar cookies and I think the boys agree.


Grandma Falk

Yes, I think that making a gingerbread house sounds easier than it is! But you can’t go wrong when you can eat the house in the end! And it looks like everyone had lots of fun. The A-frame was a good idea!

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