The Falk Family Blog

- 2011 -
1:45 pm

Isaac lost his first tooth (literally)!

Isaac has been wanting to lose a tooth for such a long time! He’s 7 1/2 and all his friends have been losing teeth for quite some time. Finally, his time came and I was so happy for him!

He asked his Daddy to tie a string around his tooth and pull it out. (I told you he was determined to get that thing pulled!) It wasn’t hanging by a thread or anything so we tried encouraging him to wait a couple more days thinking it might be less painful.  But, he insisted to have it pulled. Warren tied dental floss around his tooth and when Isaac wasn’t expecting it, he pulled really hard. We have a great video clip of Isaac’s reaction!  He screamed like a girl and then jumped for joy that his tooth was out!  All was good until we realized the tooth was nowhere to be found. We searched, I vacuumed and still no tooth… But, of course, he still had a surprise under his pillow!
- 2011 -
1:30 pm

Renaissance Festival

We planned a trip to the Renaissance festival during “pirate theme” weekend hoping it would provide fun entertainment for our family.  Unfortunately, the boys didn’t enjoy the festival as we had hoped they would. They were bored and wanted to go home after only a few minutes!  We stayed a few hours since we paid a good amount of money per ticket.  But,  Warren and I decided that next year we’ll go again and leave the boys home with a sitter.

Here they are trying to look happy as they pose next to a huge knight.
Turkey leg, anyone? Lincoln enjoyed sharing it with Daddy.
Funnel cake! This was probably the highlight for Ethan and Isaac. At least, it was for me. They couldn’t complain for a while with all the food in the their mouths. 🙂
- 2011 -
8:58 am

Lincoln’s first canoe trip.

One beautiful late-summer morning after Ethan and Isaac were off to school Warren and I took little Lincoln on his first not-so-little canoe trip. We drifted and paddled for 10 miles down the river.

He enjoyed it at first…
But, started to get bored.  We stopped frequently so he could throw rocks into the water, his favorite part!
Here, he is showing me a  little shell he had found.
He even got to use a paddle just his size!
We had a picnic lunch and threw more rocks into the water. The river was so quiet and peaceful.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with two of my favorite guys!
- 2011 -
8:48 am

New Glasses

After trying on several styles of eye glasses,  Warren chose these for me. I’m not so sure I would have picked them, but he loves them!