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- 2011 -
12:32 pm

Aunt Lisa visits!

It was nice having my sister around for a few days! She was so helpful with the boys and I enjoyed hanging out, shopping, and drinking coffee with her. These pictures are from our hike through the woods at a local park.
The boys found an old tree with a strong vine to swing on. This entertained them for a good half hour.
Even Mom tried it out, but only after convincing the boys that it ‘probably’ wouldn’t break! They laughed and laughed as I took my turn. It was surprisingly fun and held up just fine.


Warren will remember, most likely, swinging on the branches of the weeping willow tree in our backyard growing up. The older we got, the more likely we’d be the one to get in trouble for breaking a limb off the tree. But it was fun! Your vine looks like a great source of entertainment. What a cool park!

Trevor Spedding

Looks like fun. You seem to be having some nice weather. Weather in England this summer has been pretty poor really.

Grandma Falk

The boys couldn’t ask for a better day than that! A Mark Twain kind of day! How nice that Lisa could spend some time with you. From what you have told me, she is such a special person and so loved by Ethan, Isaac and Lincoln.

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