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- 2011 -
3:51 pm

Run for Fun Day

I was able to enjoy the first grade ‘run for fun day’ with Isaac. We had 30 minutes to run as many laps around the track as we could. I let Isaac set the pace and was proud of him for running 2 miles in the humidity of a hot May morning!

Isaac’s teacher is standing on the left. She was such a great teacher for him!
Go Isaac!
Isaac and our neighbor, Austin.
Now that was a good Popsicle and well deserved!


Whoa! Good job, Isaac!

I hope mommy got a Popsicle too! I would have died or, at least, been severely handicapped from that point forward. LOL! Good job, Isaac!

Trevor Spedding

Well done. Don’t think I would have found it fun though !!!.


Run for fun? This concept is foreign to me.

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