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- 2011 -
11:04 am

My Birthday

This little boy and his handsome daddy took me out for a birthday lunch.
When we came back home there was a cookie basket waiting for me. A gift from my sister!
My sweet neighbor, Brooke brought these flowers to me.
A birthday picture of me (just for you Kari)! 😉
Warren and I baked my cake together. It’s called Mississippi Mud Cake and it’s incredible! Dan, Kari, and their boys joined us for cake and ice-cream. I had a very nice birthday. 🙂


So glad it was a good one! Happy Birthday!!

Trevor Spedding

Hope you had a great day.

So glad you had a good day on your birthday! I’ll have to make a Mississippi Mud cake sometime. I have heard of them before but haven’t tried one myself. Lots of chocolate, right? Yum!

Cake was good! Nice to be able to celebrate with you.

Grandma Falk

So was the cake just as you remembered it, Lynn? I know that it was a cake that Mrs. Peterson made when you visited there and you had great memories of it. It is wonderful to have those memories, and now you are creating terrific memories for your little ones.

You had a day filled with the love of family and friends. You couldn’t ask for anything better! I’m so glad you had a good day!


That cake sounds delicious!

I think I have those same jeans Lynn:) Did you get them at Kohl’s?

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