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- 2011 -
2:37 pm

Sweet Lil’ Lincoln

This guy melts my heart…he has his mommy wrapped around his lil’ finger.


What a sweet little face! Did he get a haircut? Hate to tell you, but he’s looking more grown up….

It’s true,B Fryman is right, he is looking more grown up! Sweet as can be, though! 🙂

Trevor Spedding

Great photos !.

Grandma Falk

Yea, I thought the same thing–he looks more grown-up. And I think it is the haircut. I see that Warren finally got around to picking up the scissors! Lincoln’s hair is so much like Warren’s was at that age–the same color and all. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a child who looks more like his father than Lincoln. Have you shown Lincoln pictures of Warren when he was two or three?

Actually, Great Clips eventually picked up the scissors.

I definitely don’t like the comments about him looking more grown up! 🙁 Can’t he stay little forever?


Great pics of him. Did you use your 50mm. That lens always makes for some great portraits. I love mine.

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