The Falk Family Blog

- 2011 -
8:45 pm

The Circus

We know Ethan isn’t a teenager yet, but he sure thinks he is sometimes.
The circus can be exhausting for a little guy!


Looks like Ethan was saying “Aw, Mom! Not another picture of me and them wearing matching clothes!” Haha!

Trevor Spedding

Ethan certainly seems to be growing up fast. He is getting tall.

I was sad to miss going with you guys this year. Although, I wasn’t sad about the reason. Maybe next time we can all go together. Did Ethan like it? Sweet picture of Lincoln.

Looks like a blast! The sweaters were perfect!


We took Jude to the circus this past fall. He didn’t like it very much. He was so afraid of all the loud noises. It was also my first time at a circus and it was too loud for me too. He did like the elephants though.

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