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- 2011 -
9:13 am

Handmade by Daddy

(And a little help from Isaac.)

Recently, Isaac has impressed us with his Checkers skills. He had played a little at school during recess and then asked us to play with him at home.  I will admit that he beat me several times in a row before I finally beat him. Warren told Isaac he would pay him $5.00 the first time Isaac beat him. After only a few games, Isaac won!  When asked if his pride was hurt, Warren replied, “It would have been nice if he waited until he was atleast 10 before beating me.”  Warren was proud of Isaac and thought it would be fun to make a checkerboard from scratch for him.
Isaac cut one square for the board with the table saw, which made Mommy a nervous wreck!
After a few days and several hours of work, Warren finished the board just in time to give it to Isaac as a 7th birthday gift. Like Isaac’s shirt? 🙂


The checkerboard looks great! Such a great gift! I wasn’t brave enough to take Isaac on in checkers.

Trevor Spedding

Very impressive. Another different name for something in England compared to America. Chequers are usually called Draughts in England.

Wow! The checker board looks so professionally done and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shirt!!

Love the shirt! Love the checkerboard! Vitali loves checkers as well but I wouldn’t say he gives us much run for our money though. He’ll have to brush up on his skills so he can play with Isaac when you visit next. 🙂 I showed Vitali the checkerboard and he said, “I want Daddy to make ME one!” Thanks for setting the bar high, Warren! NOT! (A little 1980s sarcasm there)

I should mention that, for Vitali’s Checker addiction, we bought him his own checkers game–at Big Lots, for $250.
Oh…wait…I mean $2.50.


Great job Warren. The checker board looks great and will have sentimental value for him since you made it. Maybe he can pass it on to his son.

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