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- 2011 -
11:55 am


This was Ethan and Isaac’s first attempt at roller-skating.  After the first hour, they both starting to get the hang of it and fell less often.  I hadn’t roller-skated for about 15 years and was afraid I wouldn’t remember how, but thankfully it’s like riding a bike. 🙂


Looks like a blast! Great picture of you-you look super young and skinny (as always)!

Did Warren skate too? I think I’m too afraid to fall! Our family all went ice skating a couple of times recently but, of course, I had a good excuse not to venture onto the ice. I was glad. Phew! I seem to have turned chicken! Haha!
You were really brave, Lynn. I am in awe. 🙂
Did Lincoln try?

No. I ice skated this winter already so this decade’s quota for self-embarrassment has already been met.

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