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- 2010 -
1:34 pm

Labor Day Weekend

Warren’s parents stayed with Dan and Kari over Labor Day weekend.

We spent an afternoon at the park.
Late this summer Lincoln learned how to ride his “big boy bike.”  Here, he is showing me with his arms just how BIG he is!
Our boys love playing games with Grandma!  Isaac was a good sport during this game, Daddy showed no mercy…
Lincoln taught Grandpa a thing or two about the DS.
And his cousins, too.
Story-time with Grandpa is always fun!
We enjoyed lefsa one morning thanks to the hard work of Dan and Mom.  🙂


Trevor Spedding

Looks like you all had a great time. The nearest equivalent to Labor Day in England is called late Summer Bank Holiday and it is always the last Monday in August so the Monday before Labor Day each year.

You got some great pictures. I love the one of Grandpa reading to the boys. So cute! We all enjoyed the lefsa.

I’m drooling over the lefse! Good thing I don’t have to talk, I can just type. 🙂 Yum!

What is that game that “Daddy showed no mercy” in? Looks like Chinese checkers but not quite.

Glad you all had a good time!

So, Lefse is spelled with an ‘e’? I wasn’t sure…

Anyway, the game is called Wordquest. It’s basically a word search race.

I think Lefse is spelled however you feel like. Mom’s recipe that I have is spelled with an e so I spell it that way.


I’m jealous you got to have lephsa (that’s how I felt like spelling it) 🙂


Hey what book is Dad reading to the boys? I used to love Ira sleeps over, but this title is different. Is there another Ira book?

Grandma Falk

It’s good to see some pictures of our visit. We had such a good time playing with the children and reading to them. (yes, Bethany, that is a newer Ira book Lynn got from the library). Making and eating lefse (it’s spelled both ways, Lynn, so you’re okay!) was fun too. Making lefse is quite a job, but when you do it as a joint project as Dan and I did, it’s a great activity! I don’t know how many we made, but we had quite a stack when we finished! Kari wasn’t feeling that great, but she was a great hostess to us! Both Kari and Lynn kept us well fed!

What a dear photo of Papa Charlie reading to his boys…
They must love it. He reads with such expression.

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