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- 2010 -
7:48 am

Fun at the Zoo

After a long work week Warren was able to enjoy a Friday off! The older two boys were in school and we were able to take little Lincoln to the zoo for the day.  We enjoyed the experience of having an only child – how easy!

With a t-shirt like that I couldn’t pass up the photo op.
These birds were quite colorful and very attractive.
Apparently they thought the same about Warren. 🙂
To me, Lincoln looks like a perfect mixture of his brothers in this picture.
All smiles on the carousel.
* Baby Bonobos…the highlight! *
This has always been my favorite stop at the zoo. I love the bonobo chimpanzees for so many reasons.  We were particularly lucky on this zoo trip.  When we first arrived at the exhibit we could see a couple of mother chimps cuddling and napping with their babies – not too exciting. But, our patience paid off when they finally awoke and showed off their infants to us.  We stayed for nearly an hour as Lincoln interacted with the baby chimps.  Only a handful of people walked through during the hour.  The female baby copied the kids by putting her hand on the glass and giving kisses through the glass.  She and Lincoln were playing a “chase” type game where they would run from one end of the window and back again. We were able to get some good video as well.
This was the baby boy and his mother. He was too small to really play. He was wobbly when he walked and fell over easily. It was fun watching the mother protect him when the baby girl got too rough in her play.
Kisses for Lincoln!
Time to go…bye little cutie!


How cute the baby monkeys are! I’m glad you got video! Lincoln will enjoy watching that later. 🙂 It is easy to take one child around, isn’t it? Fun to get that one on one time, too.

So fun! What a nice treat for Lincoln to have his parents to himself for the day!

Trevor Spedding

Going to the zoo is great, especially for kids. Looks like you had a brilltime !.


I think I’ll take Jude to the zoo soon. These pics reminded me that I really want to do that. I think he’d love it. Those chimps sure are cute

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