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- 2010 -
3:29 pm

Chautauqua Lake/Mohls’ House (NY part 2)

It’s always nice to stop in and visit with Pastor and Mrs. Mohl. We were planning to go out on the Lake in the boat, but NY weather changed our plans. Instead, Pastor Mohl and Warren took Ethan and Isaac fishing while Mrs. Mohl, Lincoln, and I stayed nice and warm in the house.

Isaac’s catch!
Mrs. Mohl made a taco spread and we all enjoyed it!


Trevor Spedding

Think I would prefer to stay nice and warm in the house rather than go fishing too !!!!.

When did it get cold? Or was it just the lake winds that made it chilly? I was glad it wasn’t cold for the wedding! I was also glad it wasn’t too awfully hot. It was pretty warm, though.

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