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- 2010 -
3:04 pm

Enjoying a Mild Jaunuary Day

The boys were thrilled to play outside! Isaac couldn’t wait to ride his bike for the first time in a couple of months. Ethan was at school when I took these pictures, but he got his chance to enjoy the weather as well.
Isaac was so sweet and patient as he tried to teach Lincoln how to use his peddles.
- 2010 -
10:37 am

Happy 100000th!

You might not think a 32nd birthday is as significant as, say, a 30th, or a 40th, because it doesn’t end in a zero, but if so, then you’re not thinking like a programmer.  You see the old “base 10” (“decimal”) numbering system might work well for humans who are used to it, but computers use “base 2” a.k.a. “binary”.  This makes 32, which in binary has a magnificent 5 zeros (100000), a very significant birthday if you happen to be a giant geek.
If you grew up with Warren, you might recognize the cake’s likeness to a very old computer made by Mattel, called an “Aquarius”.  Warren remembers this computer (plus a “200 in 1 Electronic Project Lab” from radio shack) as marking the beginning of his inner geek.  So this seemed an appropriately geeky cake for a geek’s 100000th.  And it turned out pretty well.
Here are the boys, ages 111, 101, and 10, admiring their dad’s great antiquity.  Also another cake can be seen below, which was both more tasty and also better suited to the more decimally oriented.
Dan, Kari, and their boys came over to celebrate.  Dan, Warren, and the boys played some vintage Nintendo games with some nostalgic value.
Isaac and Owen enjoy the best part of any birthday party.
Alex and Kari.
One of Warren’s gifts was this miniature remote controlled helicopter which Warren can be seen here struggling to keep airborne.
- 2010 -
11:23 pm

Welcome 2010!

Warren 31, Lynn 29, Ethan 7, Isaac 5, Lincoln 2