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- 2009 -
7:42 am

Happy 2nd Birthday, Josie!

Our good friends little girl recently turned two and we had a good time at her party! Isn’t this picture precious?
Isaac attempts what turned out to be the impossible ring toss game. 🙂 He ended up “winning” a pop.  We made him trade it in for sprite at he wasn’t too happy about that…
Ethan and Isaac played the blame game, but one of them was responsible for tangling the apple strings. Warren worked for a good long time to fix it.
Look at the size of Isaac’s mouth!
Balloon pop.
Lincoln gives Josie her gift. He felt so special. 🙂
She loved her baby.
So refined… guess we had better work on that!
Lincoln held the balloons on the way home. He kept saying, “Mom, hi!” as he looked through the balloon.
Ethan’s loot!


Sure was good to see you guys, it seems like it has been much too long (considering the vicinity). I’m really glad the boys had a good time.


Lincoln’s already getting kisses from girls;)

Looks like such a fun time! I remember bobbing for apples and biting doughnuts hanging from strings in Kathy Melquist’s basement. I can proudly say that I never tangled the doughnut strings, though. (but if I had, I would have blamed it on someone else too, no doubt!)

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