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- 2009 -
3:11 pm

Looking so grown up!

Ethan you are maturing and growing too fast. You’re  getting so tall and acting more and more like a teenager everyday (already!)

Your favorite show is MacGyver (Thanks to Daddy for finding all the old episodes!) After begging and begging for your very own pocket knife Daddy decided  you were old enough. You have only nicked your fingers a few times. Instead of whining about your fingers hurting, you get your own band-aid just so you don’t have to hear Mommy say, “I told you so.”

You think it’s cool to call people “dude.”  You roll your eyes at things I say.  You chase the “pretty” girls on the playground.

But,  you  still give me a kiss EVERY morning before school. (In front of your classmates, even!) You also love Mommy to tuck you into bed each night. I will hold on to these things as long as I can! I know my days of public kisses are numbered.

Where has the time gone? Wasn’t it just yesterday you looked like this!?


Grandma Falk

It really makes me sad to see my grandchildren growing up so fast. And they are growing up faster than my children! Ethan, you are such a nice boy. Grandpa and I are so proud of you. I can’t believe that you have a knife! But I’m glad that you are being so responsible with it. It’s a good thing for a boy to have a knife.

When I first saw the picture of Ethan on the steps before I read the caption, I thought, “I wonder why Lynn put this picture of Lincoln here in this sequence of pictures of Ethan!”

I love you, Ethan!

Grandma Falk

Ah, yes! Good old MacGyver! What a handsome boy you are, Ethan!

Ethan looks exactly like Lincoln!

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