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- 2009 -
12:39 pm


After several more days of a crawling and limping cycle I took Isaac in for more X-rays. We found that he did break three bones in his foot right behind his three middle toes. Apparently when he was jumping around and playing, his toes somehow got bent under his foot when he landed on it.

They put his foot in a splint and  he gets a cast tomorrow. We’re not sure yet how long he will have to have it on. We are hoping he’ll be able to walk  once his cast is on.

He is doing fine, but seems a little bummed.  His friend just came over to help get his mind off things. He is mostly concerned about whether or not he can ride his bike.

I will post pictures tomorrow of his new cast.

(I was told that it sometimes takes 7-10 days for an injury like this to show up on an X-ray. That is why his first X-ray came back normal. )


I’ve never heard of broken bones showing days to show up on an X-ray…glad you guys know what the problem is now…poor little guy.

I have heard of that happening. And, although in his case it was obvious, Steve fell off a ladder three Christmases ago and broke those same bones! And, since it was Christmas time, he got a red cast with a white stripe.

Hannah got a glow-in-the-dark cast when she broke her arm. She also got so many gifts (thanks to the fact that she broke it just as Grandma Eimers was arriving for a visit!) that she told me later that she wished she could break it again! So quickly they forget the pain! He’ll have fun showing off his cast to his friends.

Grandma Falk

I am so glad that they found out the problem and he’ll be okay. You would think that the doctors would tell you that breaks sometimes don’t show up on an X-ray for a week or so.

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