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- 2009 -
9:05 pm

Random Photos from TN

Lincoln LOVED Grandma’s piano! He looked so sweet with his little legs dangling from the bench as his tiny fingers happily pressed the keys. He could climb up onto the bench with no help and seemed quite proud of himself.

Making music with Daddy.

Lincoln was able to open the door to get outside. This made me nervous and we had to keep a close eye on our little escapee! Again he was quite proud of this accomplishment and opened and closed the door hundreds of times!

Ethan with a couple of his favorite birthday gifts. The flowers were so pretty in the front yard!

We kept finding Lincoln inside the dog cage! At one point he even took his blankie in there to snuggle with. Haha!

I couldn’t resist this t-shirt.

Bed-head! (Or as Ethan and Isaac call it, “stick-up hair”)

I know have lots of pictures of Lincoln from our trip. Mostly because the older two boys were off playing with their cousins and only seemed to come around when they were hungry!

A nice picture of Nathan, Elise, and 3-year-old Simon.

Cousin Misha

The three newest additions to the always growing Falk clan!

Jude, Lincoln, and Alex.


Haha! Misha is such a poser!! Maybe you should get Lincoln his own cage! Think of how handy that could be…

Aww…just kidding, Lincoln!

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