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- 2009 -
4:00 pm

Ethan’s 7th Birthday!!!

7 years old already… Where does the time go?

We left for Tennessee on the morning of Ethan’s birthday. We let him open our gift and the package he received in the mail from Grandma. He also had a few cards to open.

Look at his face? He had been asking for a DSi, but didn’t actually think he would get one! Warren and I were hesitant about the idea, but we found there are several educational games along with fun games too.

We got him a math game (his favorite subject) and Super Mario Brothers, of course!

It was a great thing to get for him due to our 5 hour drive that day! I found a note in the back of the van that Ethan wrote. It said, “I have a DSi now!” He even drew a picture of it.

Mommy and the birthday boy!

I LOVE this picture. It was taking from the deck looking down into the yard.

Hannah, Annette, and Ethan… Such nice cousins!

Haha! Here is Grandma telling Ethan that she didn’t forget about his birthday spankings!

Blow! We hope your wish comes true, sweet boy!

Way to follow through, Grandma!

Ethan had lots of gifts to open! One from each of his 6 cousins who were there and one from Grandma and Grandpa!

Thank you everybody for making Ethan’s day so special! He said to me that night, “This was my best 7th birthday!” 🙂

Our 7-year-old enjoying his birthday cake!

On our way to Tennessee Ethan chose McDonald’s for lunch where he enjoyed a hot fudge sundae.


Fun pictures! And a fun party! I need to swipe that picture of the three cousins from you! That was a good weekend!

Glad he had a good birthday! We were sorry to miss it. We usually get to be at Ethan’s birthdays.

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