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- 2008 -
9:30 am

The most adorable Lincoln log ever!

Wouldn’t you buy a container of Lincoln Logs if it came with whats inside this container?

After Isaac and I had fun with Lincoln in the container we decided to build a small village. Isaac pointed to the buildings he wanted and I did the building. We both had fun. Lincoln was very entertained playing with the container for nearly 20 minutes straight!


Wow! that set surely makes a bunch of houses!  What about Ethan’s office?
I like the barrel of Log-Free Lincoln a lot.  Normally, I think Lincoln Logs are high priced but for that barrel….


Ethan’s desk had to go. Lincoln was destroying it little by little. Of course it was the only thing he wanted to play with in the whole basement! We moved Ethan’s things into his room.


That’s so funny that you posted this picture because when I was at Sam’s Club today the lady in front of me was buying a tub of Lincoln logs just like those and I thought to myself “I wonder if anyone has gotten Lincoln a set of Lincoln Logs yet.” 

I had seen a can of Lincoln Logs that day and thought of Lincoln too!  Except I thought, “I’ll bet they have Lincoln Logs!”  Just like when Ivy was born, someone gave us an ivy plant.  Fortunately, it wasn’t poison ivy!

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