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- 2007 -
2:28 pm


On Monday evening we attended a meeting for friends of ours whose brother is starting a new church in our area.  They provided childcare and dessert so we were there!  (those were not the only reasons we were there, of course!) Anyway, Ethan and Isaac’s “teacher” came to me after the meeting was over to tell me a cute story about Ethan. Apparently one of the mommies brought cheerios in for everyone to share. When the teacher put some out for Ethan he politely said, “No thank you, I eat big boy food now.”

I am going to start putting stories like this on the blog. It will be a place where I can journal the things I would like to remember. Warren said this will all be safe and 20, 30, years down the road I will be able to look back and read about things that are happening right now. It will be nice for the children to be able to do the same.


Melissa eimers

You can tell Ethan that Steve’s Grandmother, who is the same age as Grandpa Anderson, eats a bowl of dry cheerios every day! But I wouldn’t tell him that she also watches 9 hours of TV a day while she’s snacking.

Melissa eimers

This is great, Lynn that you are doing this. If your boys don’t thank you someday then their wives surely will! I have written down a bunch of things but so many times I laugh and intend to write something down and then I forget and it’s probably gone forever unless something triggers my memory. Even then, I might remember the incident but not who did it.

In this forum, it’s even better because we all can enjoy it and it won’t ever be lost in a house fire or natural disaster or whatever.

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