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- 2006 -
3:20 pm


Warren probably won’t be too happy about this post…

Don’t think that “cuddling” with the remote control was a one time incident. I have found him sleeping with it several times, but he’s usually holding it in his hands. Putting it on his cheek is a new idea. I guess he wanted to be sure nobody would change the channel on him. (since he’s so obviously into his show!)

(I hope you all get to see this before he finds it and takes it off 🙂  )


Melissa Eimers

Does he say this if you dare to touch the TV while he “rests his eyes”, “Hey! Who turned the channel? I was watching that!” Heehee


Ha Ha, great picture Lynn. I’m curious as to how he got it there though. I mean, the most likely hand is actually under his head, and the other hand is really no where near the remote.

I did not see him actually do this. I just found him this way. I’ll have to ask if he remembers putting it on his face.

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